Delegation Done Right Unlocks Your Business Growth Potential

Find out your Delegation Action Score by answering these simple questions. You will learn where you excel in this area as well as where you need to build up your practices.

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"Teams are the building blocks of business.

Until you have effective teams operating, your growth prospects are extremely limited."

Bill Ringle

Only experienced managers and high potentials

can pass this 3-minute delegation action test.


About Bill Ringle

After Apple and the Wharton School of Business, I founded Grow Business now and am dedicated to working with ambitious small business leaders who want to achieve the full growth potential of the business for themselves and their stakeholders.

These are challenging times, especially for leaders of companies with under 500 employees who are missing the opportunities to act decisively, and even boldly, during this period. You’re in charge and have even more options at your disposal than you might realize at this moment.

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