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Strategy Session Overview

A strategy session is an intentional conversation focused on gaining clarity by thinking through a plan, decision, or opportunity with Bill Ringle, an experienced business strategist with no stake in your business (the way a colleague would) except to facilitate your success.

A Strategy Sessions is focused on a specific topic and has four components:

  1. 1. The Presentation, where you share some background, details, and context about the issue you’d like to advance. You’ll be prompted by the questions below.
  2. 2. The Research, where my team and I look into the issue. This preparation allows me to arrive at the call with a clearer idea of the objective and obstacles so we can get to work on the solution faster.
  3. 3. The Session, where we meet via a video conference call to discuss the issue and arrive at a resolution or plan of action.
  4. 4. The Follow-up, where you can reach out to share wins or ask questions as you implement the plan or decision and I’m happy to support you during the next four weeks.

What to Expect

The application process has 3 steps: Select your date and time, Process the fee, and Describe your situation.

Step 1: Select your time. Here you to lock down a mutually convenient date and time. On the next page, you’ll see an online calendar with my availability that you can use to find a good time on your schedule.

Step 2: Process the fee. The $500 flat fee for a strategy call is easily recouped by the confidence you gain in making your decision and the advantages you will have in pursuing your opportunity. By removing any variable costs, such as percentage of revenue gained or a bonus based on improved productivity, you have control over your investment.

Step 3: Describe your situation. I’ll share a set of targeted questions that will help clarify your agenda and also assist me in preparing for our call. The questions will be about your specific topic as well as background information for context.

Because these are popular once you’ve experienced them, we limit repeat 1:1 strategy sessions to one per calendar quarter to allow others to participate.

Before you schedule your date and time, you will be able to pay the fee and lock in your strategy session on our calendar.

Select your response to the Biggest Challenge question below, click Submit, and then you will see the online calendar to place a hold on your Strategy Session date and time.

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