The Top 10 Insights About Human Motivation

on My Quest for the Best, The podcast for ambitious small business leaders.


Jeff Haden is a speaker, a ghostwriter, a LinkedIn Influencer, a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine, and the author of  The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win.

He is one of the most-read Inc. columnists with approximately 2.5 million readers per month and these insights on human motivation are from our interview: Episode 283, My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders.

Interview Insights

  1. As much as goal setting is important, so is working the process.
  2. Because improving feels good – it breeds confidence, creating a feeling of competence.
  3. Work too hard on any one aspect of your life and other aspects suffer.
  4. There is no shortcut, no hacks, just consistent hard work.
  5. You cannot be great at everything, but surely you can be the best you can beat the things you do choose to be.
  6. Enjoy your small, seemingly minor successes.
  7. Dream big, set a huge goal, commit, create a process. Then forget about the goal and work on your process.
  8. When you aren’t feeling motivated, do the easiest thing first and get it out of the way.
  9. You can do and be so much more than you think.
  10. By following your process consistently and enjoying small wins along your way, you will get all the motivation you need.
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