Top 5 Causes of Underperforming Managers

In your business, managers have the responsibility to prioritize work, track progress, and unify work teams. 

When the performance expectations for each role are clear and the people are well-trained, well-equipped, well-staffed, and well-recognized and appreciated for their contributions, productivity, collaboration, and morale flourish. 

The inverse is also true, so read these 5 ways that managers underperform with an eye for recognizing the warning signs and taking corrective action. 

1. Delegating Inconsistently.

Source: Gallup

Effective management requires that we direct others, yet rarely are new managers given clear examples, guidelines, or training in how to delegate effectively. 

Fortunately, some of us had really good mentors or early work experiences to build upon. Also, we have so much research and business literature to rely upon as we build practices today.

2. Providing Ineffective Recognition.

Source: Fast Company

Recognition is vital, yet done poorly, it can have unintended consequences. 

It is fundamental to understand that to be effective, feedback must be given close to the behavior or event you want to recognize or encourage, in language that is meaningful to the receiver, and with appropriate emotional intensity.

Otherwise, you are likely to fall into one of these recognition traps!

3. Leading Miserable, Unproductive Meetings.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Meetings are meant to harness the attention and power of the people present, to problem solve, to work through planning or approval details, or to learn together. 

If announcements can be made in another format, it is often better to send a broadcast email reminding all that next year’s benefit options need to be selected by the end of the month. 

Use meetings well by awarely choosing how this gathering – in person or via video conference – will accomplish the clear purpose you have for the people in attendance. Otherwise, choose a different method and let people get work done!

4. Confusing Criticism with Clarity.

Source: Forbes

New managers tend to do too many of their old responsibilities when no one has mentored or coached them on how to step into their new roles. Another significant way that a new manager underperforms it to think that their role is to criticize everyone else’s work in order to establish some strange perceived pecking order of dominance. 

Feedback is essential. However, mutually beneficial clarity should be the goal, not rapid fault finding.

5. Cultivating Fear Instead of Building Capabilities and Confidence.

Source: HBS 

What’s the emotional tone of your workplace, division, department, or team?

Especially during the pandemic, people feel uneasy, uncertain, and unsure how their work is being perceived. 

Some respond by overworking, responding to email at all hours of the day or night. 

Some respond by stepping into the “shadows” and hoping to avoid criticism or embarrassment, whether due to their work, their private home decor now shared on Zoom calls, or for any variety of other reasons. 

Take advantage of this time and build new skills, knowledge, and capabilities. 

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LP Top 5 Causes of Underperforming Managers

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