Top 10 Insights on Asking Effectively

Top 10 Insights on Asking Effectively


Mark Victor Hansen is a speaker, a ghostwriter, a LinkedIn Influencer, a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine, and the author of Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny

He is one of the most-read Inc. columnists with approximately 2.5 million readers per month and these insights on human motivation are from our interview: Ep282, My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders.

Interview Insights

  1. Once we’re able to start asking that makes our life experience so much richer.
  2. We need to stop taking our cues from the outside and build our lives from the inside out.
  3. You always want to start by asking yourself because you have to know where you are in order to move forward.
  4. Adversity is what wakes up an opportunity.
  5. Ask yourself. Ask others. Ask God.
  6. If you want to improve your future, shift your actions and change your thinking.
  7. Become a master asker so that you can fulfill your life simply by learning to ask what you need in the right way, at the right time, to the right people.
  8. Maximize yourself – take advantage of the opportunities and then you optimize your health and relationships.
  9. This can be a signal to ask why we don’t have answers, rather than trying to ask for the answers themselves.
  10. We are not just human beings, we are a human becoming.

Visit My Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders, for the full interview and more bonus materials!

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